What is Gamil?

Gamil Design is a product and graphic design firm in Raleigh, NC, USA. Our website has all the details about the types of work we do, but suffice it to say, we do a lot of “launches,” be it new products, new innovations and R&D, new brands, or just a new direction. We’ve been around a long time…since 1995, which means our spelling similarity to Google’s email app, “Gmail,” is entirely coincidental (although fortuitous, since that’s probably how you initially got here).

Gamil is Arabic for handsome. We pronounce it gah-meel’ the Egyptian way with a hard “g” as in “gargoyle.”

We also have our own brand called Gamila, which is the feminine form of the word and means “beautiful.” Many belly dancers have taken the name “Gamila.” Gamila started back in 2001 with our first product, The Teastick. We now have a few additions to our product line, including Teastick Gems, and a new category of art-inspired cases for iPods called Mila Art Jackets.

Gamil and Gamila are a total of 10 people, including product design, engineering, graphic design, marketing, sales and distribution. And that’s just our work loads. We’re also artists, musicians, travellers, gourmet cooks, cyclists, soccer players, etc. etc.

Anyway, we decided that since we at Gamil all have a lot to say and the Gmail spelling has given us a rather large audience, that we should start a blog.
So…here we go.

Here’s an example of some of our product design work

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