Prairie Ridge Ecostation in Raleigh, NC puts on an awesome display of native Autumn wildflowers of North Carolina, including goldenrod, milkweed, cattails, butterflies and prettiness. A quick visit yielded some gorgeous images of Autumn. The temperature is finally non-summer, although still not the fall chill that should be coming. Prairie Ridge is all about the native plants and trees of the Raleigh area. There is also a pond surrounded by cattails, milkweed and the pond is full of duckweed. The butterflies and birds love it here.

A field of Goldenrods bursting with blooms
Milkweed and Milkweed Bugs enjoying the day
Indian Pink – wildflower native to Southeastern United States
Phlox at Prairie Ridge Ecostation
Ironweed gone to seed. Indeed.
The butterflies love it at Prairie Ridge, like this Swallowtail enjoying the Asters.
Sparkly Spider web
Duckweed on the pond makes for a gorgeous and surreal green color.
Cattail going to seed