Your Accidental Destination

We know why you are here. Why not enjoy the detour?

We are Gamil, a design firm in existence in Raleigh NC and online long before Gmail. And now we receive many new worldwide guests who type as poorly as we do 🙂 . We decided to put this page together so you have some fun diversions to look at before moving on to your email bills, to-do lists, meeting requests and whatever (boring) unread stuff your gmail mailbox is stuffed with.


Stay hydrated while you surf! (PS: We designed these)

Presse. Gourmet Coffee Brewer and Tea Infuser

Bobble Insulate. Cold Water. Pretty Bottle.

We do our day-to-day design work (product and graphic design) through Designbox. We focus on positive-impact projects, especially regarding sustainability, social entrepreneurship and creative community. We are spending a lot of time helping clean up the ocean through the product use of ocean plastic. Find out more about this effort at Oceanworks.