Yep, once an American Girl doll comes into the house, there is no option except to have MORE American Girl dolls come into the house. We went to the store in Manhattan a few months ago and it was a wonderland!I don’t know what doll is my favorite, but Julie’s 1960s products are definitely groovy!

In terms of sustainability, some of the STORIES of certain dolls address climate change, environmental activism and social equity. BUT, the making and materials of the dolls have a long way to go. The heads and limbs are still made of vinyl. It’s obvious why…vinyl can get that soft brushed feelings the skin, and the material has give instead of being super hard. But with as many dolls as AG is making, I would hope they would lead the way towards more earth-friendly production methods.

My suggestion is to start a whole new line and learn from that and then transition everything else once they get it dialed in. We’re looking to you, American Girl, for leadership and the message to young girls everywhere that AG cares about the future health of our planet.